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I used the card on all possible expenses for somewhat 1-2 years, accumulated 12,500 points. Once in service got a bill for $50.00 and decided to use my points. Had to call the rewards line and a $100 check was issued to dealers names (ONLY) and was sent to me via regular mail, Express mail was extra $15-20. Note, they issue checks only in $100 increments for every 10,000 points so remaininng points get wasted unless you keep accumulating. Also the check can be issued to a dealers name only and only ONCE so you can use it only in one dealership and it cannot be re-issued even if you cancel. You have to plan this ahead what dealership you are going to. Once 10,000 are used to issue a check you cannot reverse the transaction!

So I had to pay the bill out of pocket and then BEG for reimbursement, numerous calls an emails, finally got the check from dealer for $100 next time I went for service. Overall experience is a nightmare, not willing to do that again. Use Amex or Discover and get a real automatic rebate on your account every year.