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Originally Posted by KL2DC
Are you refering to the Giulettas? ... didn't the 2002 come before that...
No, I was refering to the Giulia 1600, which was launched in 1962 (before the 2002). RWD, 5-spd, 170km/h top speed and a drag co. lower than the original 911, these cars were world's first sports sedan. The 2002 Turbo's equivalent, the 1600GTA made a whopping 108hp/L without forced induction, did the 0-60 in 8.8s and went on to 220km/h. All this before the 70's even came. They were also dominating in racing, until the bigger-engined Ford Capris and BMW CSLs came along. For the latter, BMW chose to hire the same Italian firm (Giugiaro) that designed the ARs. You can clearly see AR's influence on the CSL's rear end, especially the taillights.