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Phone insurance fraud (lost/stolen): can you still activate phone?

Here's the situation.
I have two older friends. One of my friends and I both have the Blackberry 8830 world edition phone... Anyway, my oldest friend decided she needed a smart phone, so my younger friend claimed "lost phone" through Asurion (Verizon). When my oldest friend went to verizon to activate it, they denied it, marking it as a stolen phone.

As questionable as it may be [and we're not talking about integrity here], my friends have claimed many phones in the past (all "lost"), and successfully sold them, etc ~ with no problems activating it.

My oldest friend said that she bought the phone through ebay, but was still denied activation. Is there a way around this? I mean, although it's marked as "stolen," if she "bought" the phone through "ebay," doesn't she still have the "right" to activate it?

It's worth noting that Verizon didn't "confiscate" the phone...
I'd much rather not dub my friend's "lost" phone as a crackberry and just throw it out.:sad0147: