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My own impressions of the S5 after seeing one and owning a current S4.....

1. Wow, best looking front end on a car I've seen in a while- the rest of it though....... doesn't quite live up.........I have to give a nod to the 335/M3 for rear end looks and side profile IMHO.

2. Interiorwise I actually prefer my S4 with its' "soft touch" buttons as opposed to the injection-molded plastic of the S5. I also prefer the copious amounts of wood used in the 335/M3- the S5 has less. In fact a 335 w/smooth Nappa leather would be pretty equal to an S5 interior IMHO...

All in all I feel the S5 is great value for the money but........not quite there for me partly because I need 4 doors and partly because of the interior.
I was looking forward to seeing the new S4 but if it is a TTV6 then forget it-
I love my V8 soundtrack and would not go back to a "six" in this car....

Can't wait to see the E90 M3.........