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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
You have got to be kidding.

Do you ever get off the freeways? Do you ever just go driving for the fun of it - exploring? I have lived all over OC and San Diego and spent some time around LA as well. There are twisties, beautiful canyon roads, hills/mountains and all amazing driving roads littered ALL over So. Cal. I guess I could list some for you but note sure it would do any good with your bizarre view of So Cal.

Get the C63, get some softer springs and shocks, try to find as many of the engine mods as possible that wil probably take the beast up to 500 hp (many wil be available from MB!) and have fun drag racing M3s on all of those straight roads.


I was just about to comment on his bizarre (..and incorrect) view of So.Cal, but you've handled that for me ol' Swamp. He definitely needs to get out more.