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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I take it the Q7 was a diesel one and not the 3.6L or the 4.2 which are both N/A petrol engines. If so well it is understandable, the TDI engines like all diesels do has quite a bit of lag which is highlighted even more with being automatics.

The S4 suffering the same, now that is confusing as it's engine is all but the same as the S5 and being both N/A 4.2v8 I can't understand why you are feeling a delay between pressing the throttle and the car taking off, that's a really funny one that.
The Q7 was a 4.2 but both the S4 and the Q7 are automatic in auto mode. I am not sure if this is a transmission issue but I expected power surge without downshift since they are v8s.