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I was wrong... partially

I went back to the magazine and looked again. There is in fact a "est" box that isn't inline with the price, so I didn't see it the first time. However, the magazine goes to great lengths to say the M3 is the cheapest in several spots in the article, and gives very exact numbers, such as the "$62,000 base." Not $59,000 or $60,000 but $62,000.
In saying it is the cheapest, it is only cheaper from their posted price by about $1,000 under the C63. That also tells me the figures are dead on, or the assertion that the M3 is cheapest would be a ridiculous statement being so close in price to the MBZ. By $1,000 - $2,000, I they didn’t know what the price really was, they wouldn’t know it was $1k - $2k in the first place. The C63 for all they know could be $3,000 cheaper, preventing them from speculating at all. I hope everyone gets what my point is.

I also have a solution to my "whine" about the C63 smoking your ass in a race... A ProCeed or other system will drop you dead into the 3.9 sec range for very little money. I bet $$ Vishnu comes out with a ProCeed system within 4 months of release of the M3. That will care of any C63 advantage. The chances of even coming up on a C63 on the road would be remote; the chances of meeting a modded C63 are even more slim-to-none.

Someone made mention that if I wanted straight line speed only, get the C63. In SoCal there are very, very few twisty roads. Its almost 100% nothing but straight line conditions here, so a straight acceleration tussle is the only race most people will ever see, barring a track.

I believe anyone driving the C63 would be right on your tail on a track. The numbers are too close. But there are many other factors in cars to choose.

I'm off the C63. It is just one of the ugliest machines I have ever witnessed coming out of Germany. It looks like a Kragen kit car. That and Consumer Reports listing just about every Mercedes made on the Worst Reliability list makes me also seriously off the C63. The C Class did receive decent marks, but with the overall brand and the C63 being a new model, who wants to play around with $70,000+?

Sounds like the C63 will beat the living tar out of you on daily commutes. This is where the M3 shines…. being a smoking fast daily driver, BMW pays for maintenance, looks gorgeous, has respect…. To me there is no choice after thinking about it the last few days.