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Originally Posted by BoostedBMW View Post
Hmm... I guess it depends what you are doing when you are on edge, but I was skeptical about buying this phone because everyone was complaining about how slow edge was. Since I have gotten my phone the speed of edge really hasn't been an inconvenience yet... its no where near wi-fi speeds, but it loads fast enough to make web browsing fine IMO. Each page usually takes a few seconds to load, sometimes it will take 10 seconds, but most of the time its more like 5 or 6 seconds and its loaded. I guess it depends on your area also, but i'm in wilmington, NC, its not like its a major city or anything.
Before I got my iphone one of my buddies had it and was talking about how fast EDGE was and how he tested at 40 something kbps.. I told him to go to any speed test site as we were eating lunch.. Showed me something in the 40's I ran the test on my BB 8830 and pulled over 1mbps.. I normally hit 1.2-1.8mbps on my phone.. But I will say the blackberry browser isnt that great but surfing the net on the BB with EVDO is much faster and better than surfing on an iphone with EDGE, but when the iphone has wi-fi its another story it runs circles around the BB. But again I can run all around town and while in a car on the freeway have constant high speed data, its even good enough that I use my BB to tether to my laptop and can watch streaming TV via my slingbox.