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I have both the BB 8830 and Iphone. The iphone is nothing more than a basic phone with better GUI, sorry to say it but its more of a toy than anything else. I have an unlocked iphone but I mostly use it as an ipod and camera since my 8830 doesnt have a camera. Like you said you need to be connected with exchange thats the BB specialty.

Someone asked me one day why I dont go to the iphone full time and why I have two phones.. (iphone user). I told them pull our their iphone send 1 text message and 1 email to me and I will do the same. I was able to send 2 text messages by the time he got 1, I was able to send 4 emails before he got 1 out.

BB 8830 pros with iphone cons inserted.
Email always connected- it dosent take forever to send message, also on the iphone it takes a lot longer to send texts vs the BB.
Keyboard- yea you can text fast on the iphone but you cant beat me on my crackberry.
EVDO on the BB eats EDGE, its slow so it basically makes the iphones internet unusable if you dont have wi-fi. But when you have wi-fi safari is the best mobil web browser I have ever used.
Battery life--- no brainer BB easily surpasses the iphone.
GPS- comes in very handy
3rd party apps can be installed on the BB, my iphone is full of them but they have nothing useful besides games vs productivity tools for the BB.

Either phone is good, but when it comes down to business and a need for email and long battery life then the Blackberrys have that market tied down. The iphone was and is always going to be for consumers and not for business people.