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Originally Posted by 13eastie View Post
I would have to say yes. It's totally subjective, of course, and I have always had a few dislikes about the E92 version, namely: the powerdome is gratuitous and looks bad from every angle, but none more so than the driver's perspective; the visible muffler just looks like an inexcusably lazy piece of work.

That said, it does very well elsewhere: the gaping jaws at the front along with the the wide wheel-arches give it a very aggressive poise (if this is what you are after, you'll love it); the wheels are spot-on, very tasteful (I was considering 18" ones, but I'm so glad I came to my senses); Jerez Black is an enigma and continues to elude photographers - I think the colour is fantastic and demands viewing in a variety of settings in real life prior to ordering, but it does delineate a car whose lines are much more prominent in Silverstone II.

Objectively, the car has attracted very few interested looks from folk so far (with the exception of a couple of policemen who wanted me to show off for them!) - clearly it does not really have that "wow" factor (perhaps it would in AW) but it manages to look very purposeful without looking at all riced out.

I like.
Thank you for you honest and objective point of view...