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Originally Posted by gbb357 View Post
We already have established that from the first post. We all know that the M3 will blow away the S5 and it will be more than likely about $20k + more expensive. So how will it steal sales from the M3, simple, buyers that are new to this segment of luxury/performance cars or even some old customers might be satisfied enough of what the S5 can deliver. If you look at the performance figures that it has produced so far, it is very impressive and actually pretty close to some M3 figures. Now granted most people will probably never achieve those figures but the fact is it is attainable. Now a die hard BMW and especially a M3 customer probably would not give the S5 a chance. But then again the S5 might just be good enough or even better when you factor in the $20k discount.
I hope that you realize that for your statement to be true, then an E9x m3 must be $71,000 base, as the S5 has roughly a $51,000 base price right now...