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Sorry mate, I didn't want to sound arrogant. I don't know what version of X-drive is in the X5, it a 2005 model if that helps and the quattro system is the traditional one and not the Haldex version which is used in the TT and A3. I think it's a 40/60 split now which aids the sportiness of the drive but it is pretty amazing at finding available grip that's for sure.

You might be right about the newer X-drive but then again Audi is ever perfecting it's Quattro and the very latest one with this Sport Diff does sound like something one would expect to see in an EVO rally car instead of an Audi.

Originally Posted by gbb357
We already have established that from the first post. We all know that the M3 will blow away the S5 and it will be more than likely about $20k + more expensive. So how will it steal sales from the M3, simple, buyers that are new to this segment of luxury/performance cars or even some old customers might be satisfied enough of what the S5 can deliver. If you look at the performance figures that it has produced so far, it is very impressive and actually pretty close to some M3 figures. Now granted most people will probably never achieve those figures but the fact is it is attainable. Now a die hard BMW and especially a M3 customer probably would not give the S5 a chance. But then again the S5 might just be good enough or even better when you factor in the $20k discount.
The S5 is good, really good in fact and I agree for many a person it is all you would ever need, but it's not the improvement I expected over the old cars (last A4) it's still very safe which is great from a personal safety point of view but it's still short on the entertainment compared to cars like the M3. If you were to ask me to be totally objective as to whether the M3 is worth the extra money over the S5 then I would have to say no, but the same would apply to the RS4, the S5 is enough car for anyone but who here buys a car with their sensible head on.

Will is steal sales from the M3, the honest answer is no, no one who has the sort of money to spent on the M3 would consider saving a few pounds (dollars) on the S5, these kind of people would be looking at the C63 or something else with it's kind of performance/image before they would ever consider this Audi. No until the RS5 arrives I don't think the M3 will have an concerns over an Audi taking sales from it.