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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
True, but I don't want nor need most of that stuff, certainly not the AWD.

I think its very fair to say that, if Audi was set to compete for the 335i customer with the S5, then they would go ahead and offer the car in $40k guise minus some of those options. Its no secret that - whether you agree with it or not - the average consumer is attracted by (or repelled by) the base price of a car.

I'm quite confident we'll a 300hp+ B8 A4. Whether I'm correct about it getting the turbo V6 instead of the S4, well that remains to be seen.
You may not, and I agree that for those that don't want that stuff the 335i is definitely more compelling. But for those that want all the gadgets (and most BMW owners do) and AWD (which most BMW owners do where I live) it's quite compelling.

Go to the BMW Dealer and tell me what the average price of a 335i is, most dealers load them up because that's what people buy. I agree with you that pyschologically people shop by base price, but most 335i's that aren't ordered have stickers in the mid to high 40s.