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Originally Posted by HyperM3 View Post
I love my bed but that doesnt convince anyone want to switch mattresses either.

How about you add to your post how you use it and maybe that will help the OP understand whats to love about it.
Geeez soo pushy but I suppose Ill add my piece.

Well for starters the keyboard. Theres no buttons so its a very sleek looking phone. The keyboard is great, takes a few days to get used to but once you do its the best thing since sliced bread. For those who text this is the phone for you. Youtube is a great feature to pass the time with . The internet is by far the best ive seen on any phone.

Email is a tad slow but works perfect for me. All my school and work emails are sent to me which helps a lot. It also allows you to open but not edit certain excel and word docs. Theres also apps out there that let you use a word processor on your iphone.

Its great being able to ditch your ipod and just combine it with your phone. And lets be honest apple has a the best well rounded mp3 player. Google maps is great for those who dont have navi. Realtime traffic is a bit optimistic but helpful.

Weather feature is nice. If you travel to different cities its nice to see the weather instantly. I think this feature was really meant for girls though.

For those who care the camera is ok.

Overall the phone rarely slows down, non-glitchy imo. Wifi is great. Edge network can be slow but fast in comparison to the majority of the competition.

My only gripe is having to constantly clean the screen and some flash and other media not available on the browsers yet.

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