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Parking ticket...

I went to school the other day and parked in what I thought was a regular parking spot. I came out 2 minutes later (literally) and saw some campus parking people standing there writing me a ticket. I told them I thought it was a regular parking spot so it's unreasonable to issue me a ticket. Their answer was basically "we dont care. you can appeal it or whatever".

So I come to you guys to get some opinionn before appealing the citation. I went back the next day and took some pictures of the spot at the exact same time the ticket was issued. As you can see the tree branches are covering up the entire sign and there wasnt adequate lighting to even see the sign. Let me know what you guys think.

1st pix: what I saw before pulling in
2nd pix: what I saw after I pulled in
3rd pix: can you even see anything in that darkness??
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