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Like someone else said, it all depends on what you want to do with it.

I went from a Nokia N series to the Curve and youll have to wrestle this phone from my cold dead hands before I give it up.

I do over 2k texts a month and theres no way I could do it as quickly or easily on the iPhone as on the curve. The way it coordinates everything I need is easy to find. The ability to program a different ring or tone for every function is extremely useful to me as well. Did someone say MMS capabilities? Oh, and for websurfing, I just downloaded Operamini yesterday and its the best thing in the world.

I dont store video or mp3s on my phone, nor do I need it for a camera. If I wanted a phone for something like that I would get the N95.

My personal problem is companies that make you use their proprietary software. I dont agree with that.
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