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Originally Posted by footie View Post

You might be right but hear my reasonings on why I feel you aren't.
Fair enough. Now I will offer my counterpoints.

1/ the A4 3.2v6FSi currently competes with the 330i, both roughly kick out the same power.
Right. But - in the US, we have no 330i anymore. Audi could retain the naturally aspirated V6 for the world market, sure. In the US, they could really use a volume player (i.e. not S4) that competes with the 335i, G35, CTS and IS350 in power.

2/ the current S5 is only slightly quicker by the numbers than the 335i and in the UK at least the price difference between a 335iM/Sport and the S5 is only £3k. So one would expect the S4 to be similarly priced compared to the 335i saloon.
In the US, the price difference between the 335i and S5 is quite large. The 335i starts at $40k, while the S5 starts at $50k. That is a 25% increase for the Audi. Because of this discrepancy, few people other than the enthusiast will make the connection between the S5 and the 335i. If the new S4 follows the S5 in pricing (which can be expected), the same price difference will be in effect.

3/ the 335i is the top model prior to the M3, the same applies to the S4 which is also the top model prior to the RS4 when it finally arrives.
True. The problem is that RS models are not regular production cars. They do not have the typical 5 year model run, and they have very large gaps in availability between models. Ideally, the S4 will compete better with the M3, like it once did in the days of the B5 S4.

If Audi decided to drop this engine into the normal A4 then what would be the point of having the S4. Unless that is the point you are trying to make.
The S4 would be no more or less pointless vs. the A4 than M3 is when compared to the 335i.
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