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Originally Posted by djmatty View Post
The Patriots videotaped signals for a few minutes in one game, then have been under heavy scrutiny since.

The Colts have been trying to directly influence the game for years.

IMO, if the Patriots lost a draft pick and $750,000 for what they did, the Colts should lose all their draft picks and at least $10 million for what they did, it's so much worse. But you'll never see that happen, since the NFL just looooves the Colts.
HOW? No one has fully proved that the Colts cheated. While the NFL commissioner had actual evidence of the Pats cheating. And numerous teams talked about the Pats doing the same thing. Dont get me wrong, the Pats are a hell of a team, with or without the tapes, but when you get caught doing something, it takes some of that credibility away. People liked the Pats before this incident, but no one likes a cheater. Period.