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No, I didn't buy and scan the mag because I'm a cheap bastard and was really not very happy.

Here's my tout... I'm in my favorite mid $60's ride on the freeway, and a C63 comes along and I have to actually NOT tangle with this thing in any way, because even if I was the finest driver on earth, I know a total, real life Zoo Monkey driving the C63 is going to as a fact, whip the dog shit out of me?

C63 Quote "a more restrained squeeze yields a fuss-free launch, followed by a hair-raising 3.9-second explosion to 60 mph, easily outrunning the other two. Upshifts happen quickly, leaving just the smallest interruption in the surge of power on the way to a blazing 12.3-second quarter-mile at 116 mph, and the Benz keeps charging hard until it runs headfirst..."

This is not a "Driver wins the race" dual here. The M3 tested at I belive it was 4.3 seconds. The C63 at 3.9 and pulled all the way to the end. Quarter mile gap is pretty significant going to the MBZ. This is a guarenteed you're getting your ass kicked alley fight where you lose. No feathering the clutch, no furious shifting will help... you're getting your ass kicked, period.
Although... The caveat is that the M3 WON.
IS NUMBER ONE in the test.

The RS4 was LAST.

The C63 got 10mpg in the city, (Quote "averaging 10 mpg over 700 miles") was a super harsh ride. The the M3 was cheaper, got better MPG and is a daily driver.

I guess BMW is eyeballing this shootout and saying, now we know what we have to do to the CSL.

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