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Hello there,

I had to get the motor replaced in mine last month. No engine failure warnings or anything of the sort to indicate to me that the motor was going bad. The car did sound a bit off like I had an aftermarket exhaust and sounded mean like an old big block chevelle when I'd give it some gas (it had that worbling rumble sound). One afternoon I backed out of my parking spot at work and what ya'know... a nice small puddle of oil where the car was parked. Quickly shut the car down and looked under the car, you could see the oil dripping just a bit. Took the car to the dealer here in town and the next day I get a phone call from the service advisor telling me that the crankshaft bearing has failed and the crankshaft is pushing oil right out the engine... next words out the guys' mouth was that BMW NA has approved a new motor for your car. Lucky for me the car was still under the original new car warranty at the time. Fast forward about a week and a bit later the car is ready for pickup. The dealer replaced the entire motor...

Damn, no warranty and this would have set me back roughly $30k... Today the new motor turned 1200 miles... got my break in oil change done... now time to have some fun.

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