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Originally Posted by Dleo View Post
i never understood this whole "run up scores" thing.

its the NFL, its powerhouse team with an excellent QB, are you saying after they have a lead they should stop trying to score points?
No, not necessarily. Just that when you're up 42-7 with 8 minutes left in the game, there is no way the opposing team (who has struggled to get 7 pts) will score another 5TDs and a FG.

The thing is that NE has been criticized for that one scandal and instead of just going in there and win the game, they go in there and just score as many points as possible to show that they can. Perhaps it's also to prove that they are a good team with or without that so-called illegal taping.

I personally dont really care what they do. Im simply saying that they have a point to prove and by driving up the scores, that point has clearly been made.