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Originally Posted by footie View Post

If you are interested in quality I would save the money on the i-Pod and put it into a USB connection. The 3.5mm sockets aren't great for producing great sound, so unless you are keeping the bog-standard sound system that comes in the car, go the USB route.
I agree and technically you are probably correct, but much depends on the bit rate at which the song was recorded. I had a cheap MP3 player plugged directly to the standard receptor and with the Logic 7 system, the clarity was outstanding. Mind you any song of average length in MP3 format that has a file size smaller than 4MB will perhaps give you very average sound quality. You can find the bit rate displayed at the bottom of Windows Media Player while the song is in play or in the file info when you mouse over it. 192kbs gives you decent sound although 320+ is better.
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