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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
As you pointed out...beating HS level teams should NOT give you a spot in the Championship game even if unbeaten. OSU has proven that last year when they got embarrased badly. This year, they have worse team than last year.
No, I never stated they were beating HS level teams. I said the the Tenn v. Bama game was like a HS level game.

Then again I don't see anyone complaining over nobody teams such as BC, UCONN, USF ranking as high as they are. Do any of those teams really hold a candle to the high caliber teams such as Florida, LSU, OSU or USC? I don't think so. Everyone just rides the "I hate OSU" bandwagon because they are consistently good.

And yes OSU got embarrassed last year. Was that because they were a bad team? Prolly not. Florida just came in completely prepared and executed a perfect football game, while OSU was flat and lost one of their top play makers in the first 30 seconds of the game. And you can't tell me with a straight face that losing Ginn didn't hurt. That completely affected OSU's game plan before the game even got going. Instead of Florida being spread all over the field defending 3 big play guys, they only had to concentrate on 2 which made a HUGE difference. But in the end who cares, that was last year this is now. Living in the past doesn't take you anywhere, ask Florida.

I side with Cane in saying that thinking OSU's team this year is worse then last. That is ignorant. It also shows that you may not actually watch a lot of football and only read headlines and ride the wagon.

I could go on about how Florida hasn't played great football this year but I won't because it's not worth it since God's great sun shines on the SEC's asses

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