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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
The Big Ten has usually been an extremely solid conference until the last 2-3 years. 6-8 of the teams were almost always very competitive and could possibly beat any team, but for some reason that hasn't been the case lately. None the less that does not by any means mean OSU sucks. There are very few teams who have been consistent winners like OSU for the better part of the decade, no matter who their competition has been.

Many of you act like the SEC is all that. I've been to 2 SEC games the past 2 years; Tenn v. Bama in 06 which looked like a HS football game, it was utterly pathetic football. Then Tenn v. UGA in 07, which UGA got their asses kicked in every direction. Yet because Georgia beat a struggling Florida their now considered hot shit? I don't understand how losing ANY games still allows you the chance to claim your #1 in anything. You LOST and I don't care who to, bottom line YOU LOST. The only thing left to do from that point on is to win out and hope to climb back for a chance, otherwise quit the bitching.

I'm an OSU fan, if they are to lose at any point the rest of this season I accept the fact that they were obviously not good enough and didn't deserve a championship. Yet some of you don't get that , if you lose at any point of the season to any opponent you don't deserve shit.
As you pointed out...beating HS level teams should NOT give you a spot in the Championship game even if unbeaten. OSU has proven that last year when they got embarrased badly. This year, they have worse team than last year.
SEC, for example is much tougher this year than previous years and beside TN, FL, LSU, Auburn and GA as usual favorites we have other strong teams and any SEC team can beat any other in the conference. Definitely not the case with ACC or Big 10 or 12...
So, yes, OSU can beat them all in the conference but what is the point if Arkansas would probably do the same???