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People issues:
When someone my car door shut with unnecessary force. Like damn, they open and close normal doors like same human beings but all of a sudden my door is treated like a bank vault that needs to be shut for the next decade. I am really annoyed at people who greet me from behind by grabbing my shoulder. I don't like how the folks at Starbucks insist my black coffee needs cream after explicitly telling them I wanted black coffee. Lastly, I hate facetious people who purposely ask questions they already know the answer to.
Misc Peeves:
I don't like drying myself with a previously wet towel. I don't like runny egg yolk. I don't like the smell of bleach and vinegar (that combo) together. I hate bringing friends/family to a nice steakhouse and they order their expensive ass cut of steak well done. I hate public restrooms that have the cloudy semen looking hand soap. More to come later as I think.