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Originally Posted by Tra08R View Post
From the sound of things I've come to the conclusion that exotic car owners like ADV1 coz they are like those massive amazing looking fake boobs. Sure they look good but they don't function nor are they up to the task of genuine ones be it for feeding purposes or the squeeze test. And other brands like Volks and BBS are like a pair of perfectly shaped albeit a bit naturally and common looking breast.

Rich folks just wants the girl for show you think they do cardio to make use of them? He'll no. ADV1 it is.
Exactly how is a wheel supposed to "function". This is a serious question. A forged monoblock wheel is light, strong, and hopefully perfectly round, so how is it dysfunctional? What makes Volks and BBS better? Is there something about their construction process that is superior to ADV1?
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