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I guess I have to post in this dreaded forum. Two weeks ago lost my engine and it is currently being replaced under warranty. It happened at a bmwcca HPDE too. Third 25 minute run of the day the engine just shut down on me going 120mph down the straight. No drama, just shut off. I had just taken it out of 4th to downshift to third when it died. Coasted to a stop in neutral, did not try putting it back in gear. I was too busy panicking going into turn one at that speed with no power steering or brakes! Luckily track had a big runoff so all was well. After stopping, I tried starting the car and all I got was a clunk. Also, all the dash lights stayed lit. Could not shut anything off no matter what I tried. Let the car sit over night hoping it was just an electric issue. Car never over heated and I kept my eye on the oil all day. Next morning, car still wouldn't start. Hooked up an auto logic and it told me the battery was only at 29% charge. I felt better thinking maybe I just cooked the alternator. Put it on a trickle charger for a couple hours. Tried to start it and it turned over a couple times making a horrible squeak and crunch. Thought maybe the alternator was seized...still thinking this was good news. Tried a few more times but still couldn't get it to start. Waited an hour debating to hit the BMW assist button. Decided to try it one more time and she fired right up! No check engine lights, no drama. Idled like always. Let it run for two hours idling. Temp was good, oil was good, no CELs. Still decided not to take part in day two of the HPDE. Just took rides all day. I live 60 miles from the track or so and did not want to push my luck since I wanted to drive it home if possible. Short way home I started hearing a rattle/knock in the engine under load. Kept telling myself that it was the alternator making noise but in the back of my head I had this horrible thought that it sounded like a rod knock. Made it home. Took it to BMW the next day. They called me two days later saying that the noise was coming from the bottom end and a new engine was on order! Pretty disappointed as you could imagine. For the record, I will say I was anal about my breakin and driving. Never revved past 4k till temp gauge was at the middle, followed the breakin procedure religiously.

2013 E92 M3
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Video of engine noise:

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