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Still disagree

Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
Of course they will mark them up, but yes, it won't last more than a few months and I don't think there will be many takers..... at MSRP, yes, people will buy. But even $5000 over, no. This is not 2001. I believe that was a unique time. Did people pay a markup for the E36 M3? Markups were a byproduct of IPO money and the NASDAQ bubble. There were many buyers competing for a limited number of cars, and they had unlimited funds.

This is an M3, not a GT3 RS!
Although I agree with your opening statement my agreement ends there.

The state of the market at that time may have contributed to this effect. However, wouldn't you agree that in most metro areas there are plenty of folks with plenty of money to burn on cars, 2001 or 2008? There is always the folks who are more badge conscious, have lots of $ and too little time to plan ahead with research or deposits. I'd be willing to be the new M goes for $10k over somewhat commonly. Lastly isn't your closing sentence just a slight exaggeration, "unlimited funds"?