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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
You should know better. The markups may be higher sometimes and lower other times but in our market (So. Cal.) a new M will ALWAYS command a mark up for suckers who walk on to the lot and want the car NOW. I bet the new M3's will ocassionally sell for $10k over. Sure it won't last long but it will happen, mark my words. Heck E46 M3s went regularly for $5k over and sometimes as much as $15k over.
Of course they will mark them up, but yes, it won't last more than a few months and I don't think there will be many takers..... at MSRP, yes, people will buy. But even $5000 over, no. This is not 2001. I believe that was a unique time. Did people pay a markup for the E36 M3? Markups were a byproduct of IPO money and the NASDAQ bubble. There were many buyers competing for a limited number of cars, and they had unlimited funds.

This is an M3, not a GT3 RS!