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Originally Posted by jritt@essex View Post
Thanks for the kind words, and not a stupid idea at all...that's a good idea. We aren't working on anything like that currently. Something of that sort would require a considerable approval and testing process to achieve. It's definitely something to keep in mind though.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, IMO the two-piece discs are the biggest problem. The salt wedges between the iron disc and aluminum hat, and eats the aluminum. Unfortunately, that's true of all aftermarket BBK's with two-piece discs. That's why we frequently see OEM setups that use a dual-cast iron disc instead of the lighter aluminum hat design (like the new Z51 Corvette Stingray).

We have lots of people beating up on our kits in all types of environments. You can see lots of impressions on our blog. I just posted a C7 Stingray owner's nice review of our six piston kit yesterday.

Personally, I think you northern guys really need to embrace the 'beater' lifestyle! Buy a mid-nineties Honda Accord for $1500-$2,000, slap some Blizzak's on it, and drive it like a rally car until spring! When I lived in LA I worked on the fringe of Compton. I left my Z06 at home and bought a $1,200 Civic wagon for my commute which I dubbed "The Compton Crawler." With a beater you can drive it through snow banks, never worry about squeezing into traffic, thrash it off-road, eat lunch in it, leave the keys in it...who cares as long as the heater works. Finally, if you stuff it, you can hand your keys to the tow truck driver and say, "Just keep it." There's something incredibly liberating about not caring one bit about the car you're driving (particularly if you're only driving it for a few months out of the year).
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