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Originally Posted by day1yun View Post
All I was trying to say is that although the Patriots are really good, they aren't as good as it appears everyone thinks they are. I honestly think the colts and the patriots are on par with each other but if I had to give the edge to one team it would be the patriots. Just another fact to throw out there, the Pats are scoring 9 more points per game than the colts while running up the score. 5 of the Pats opponents are in the bottom 7 in passing yards allowed per game. Don't say they are at the bottom because of tom brady, its 7-8 games into the season, he didn't throw 600 yards in those games.
Winning by less than 14 isn't "not running up the score." The Colts don't run up the score because they can't. As I said, they barely beat Houston without Andre Johnson. Plain and simple, the Colts are not that good of a team.