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Originally Posted by apw2607 View Post
The i-drive will play mp3's off a DVD, but since you will be using the DVD-Drive for the Mp3's you wouldn't be able to use the NAV, since the NAV-disk would not be in the drive.

You've got plenty of other options though. You could play mp3 off the CD drive, or simply use the 6FL USB/Ipod adapter as well.
Thanks, thats what I was looking for. The SatNav needs the DVD in therefore DVD-Rs full of MP3s cant be used at the same time.

Standard spec states that an IPOD socket is included so Ill just buy a new IPOD. Especially as the additional USB stick option is 250 ish so I may as well just go buy a new IPOD (never bothered before as I have a hardwired in TomTom and a JVC DVD MP3 head unit so could use both together).