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not a mechanical guy, so this may sound like a stupid question...... any possibility of offering high temp silicone compound dust boots to make this kit a lill bit more "weather friendly" as well as avoid them (the boots) burning up on track ??

thought I would ask since quite a few members here (including me) appear to be interested in this kit, but also daily drive their M3s including some exposure to snow/salt and road dirt/mud.....

Personally, I would only do a brake upgrade if I am able to use the upgraded brakes pretty much all the time, both for DD duties and track duty. I really don't have the time or really the patience to keep swapping between two dedicated brake set ups (regardless of the "off road only" labeling, which is usually more of a legal disclaimer anyways for all practical purposes)

great review though on the M3 listed here..... and pretty awesome looking car ... love the black wheels on a SG set up.... brakes sooo look at home on that one....