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Originally Posted by Lups View Post
"I love my family"

When said about the family they were born into.

Lucky fuckers.
No, I don't use that one.
I prefer f***ing a**holes

Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
Playing off the notion that many of you hate lines...I specifically hate places that have the "McDonalds" model of line forming opposed to the "Burger King" model. I shouldnt have to guess which cashier/teller will open first and pick my line accordingly. There should be a single line in which the person who arrived first gets the first available service.
BK model gives more time to mess around /check out other ppl while you're waiting for your food, if that is what you're into..

Originally Posted by Billup View Post
I do all my grocery shopping on Sunday morning when everyone else is in church. I make sure to finish my shopping around 12:01, because I think it's technically against the law to purchase alcohol before that time on Sunday's.
interesting CC/bank statement..

Originally Posted by Billup View Post
If I'm scouting for young ladies to ask where the melons are, I'll go to the grocery store later in the day during the week.
lol I do this too..
just now getting coffee.. no one in the store (before closing).. 3mins later driving past I'm sniffing my fingers - she's outside having a smoke sees me right at that moment<cringe/facial>