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LOL seriously - hate those jerks. I remember one time, sitting in traffic in the right lane and we slowly move come to a merge lane. Well, all these clowns behind me suddenly signal right to get into the merge lane so they can fly on by and expect to be let in at the end.

Irks me, but that was ok that one time because the guy in front of me in a pickup got tired of the clowns doing this and moved his pickup into the merge lane and proceeded to drive exactly at the pace everyone else was moving at, preventing any more clownish behavior. And I saw what he was doing, so I didn't pass him, just hung a few meters back, close enough so no one could get in between us. Then when the merge lane ended I let him back in front - both waved to each other.

Most of the time these idiots do it with impunity though, while the rest of us patiently obey and exhibit the expected courtesy to others.