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* Lines that take longer than it needs to. Lines bother me in general, but the ones where someone asks 2 million fucking questions or somehow significantly slows down the flow gets to me.

* When people can't give me a direct answer when needed... Granted, I'm a verbose person, but when I ask a yes/no question, I don't need a full set of variables. If I call my bank asking about a weird charge, just tell me it's a "3rd party ATM fee", not your policies and procedures and why it's charged!

* When people don't assimilate into the culture of the land; especially after dating one for 9 months, I went from it being a tolerable annoyance to where I just can't stand FOBs anymore. I understand that ____ does things this way or you're accustomed to doing things that way over there, but if I were to go to ____ I'd make SOME effort to blend in... If your country is so great, then why are you here? If something is legal there and a felony here, do you think that's a "get out of jail free card"?

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flaky friends. Mostly people who are late all the time and arrive like its alright because their time is more valuable than yours while you make the effort to be 10-15mins early.

When I was younger, I've calculated that I've waited a total of 24 hours for 1 friend in 1 year. This is when everyone had cell phones. No longer friends anymore.
OH MAN... I just stopped dealing with a friend/client for graphic design because the guy is almost always 1/2 - 1 hour late to EVERYTHING, and JUST LAST WEEK I had my last straw! The worst thing just happened last week: If YOU call ME at 3PM to meet up in order to help YOU with a favor, don't give me "some time today" and tell me to "standby and come out when I call"; do you honestly think I have nothing better to do than to wait at home all day when I have tons of errands and even have a friend with me to help me with said errands? It's even worse when I ask you SIX TIMES for a ballpark time! Oh, and when you DO call me at 7PM, don't show up at 8:30PM and wonder why I left! I think I spent about 36 hours last year waiting for him.
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NEFARIOUS would totally rock the dreads if he could.