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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I am curious what other color you might choose instead.

For every blue Mustang you see, you'll see dozens in black, white, grey, silver or red. Furthermore I would venture to guess that Mustangs in those colors will look as much if not more like the BMW counterparts as the Mustang blue looks like Interlagos Blue.
Funny you asked. I have been mulling all the colors over quite hard. I've pretty much settled on IB or Jerez, can't say I am really happy with any of the colors but those two will work for me. I haven't ruled out Jet Black entirely, my 330i was Jet Black and though high-maint I loved it and kept it clean. My M won't be my DD so Jet Black is still a contender. I tend to lean towards a black for two reasons. Being 40 something, IB is maybe a bit too flashy, I already get accused of "trying to act young" whatever the fuxk that is, because of my wide ranging music tastes. So IB would probably extenuate that problem lol. Other thing is, I like to drive fast, not dangerously so, but, picture this, going about 140+ on an empty straight or taking a nice smoothe curve at double the normal rate (because you CAN ) and you are "spotted" by the law, then they lose sight of you....well, you know and I know, if they see an IB M3 later in the night or day you will get popped for sure and at least hassled for documents, no front plate etc...but with black, you have more anonymity. I find the Bimmer so exhilarating to drive that each time I get free of traffic I open her up, my 330i got past 140 on a regular basis, and one time to an indicated 160MPH (with more left, ran out of road) though I've been told the speedos in Bimmers read high. So if my 06 330i would do 70MPH-140MPH like it was nothing, how will I contain myself in this beast I ask you?? No chance. So black of some sort may be my choice. I am also considering ordering a "stripper"...that is, only the options I consider must haves such as 19's and perhaps EDC. If I can order CA or upgrade audio separately, I will do so. I was so counting on a Cinnamon colored interior, the Fox Red was such a let down, I just cannot get used to the FR color. I am thinking seriously to get the 08 just for driving fun, then in 09 or 2010 option one out the way I really like it when more colors and possibly individual custom options become available, or maybe a Z9 or some other beast will make it's debut by then....those are my thoughts.
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