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ABR Houston - Alex Noll

Who: Alex and Jerry @ ABR

What: Installation of MRF aluminum sub-frame bushings and TMS Delrin diff bushings

Where: Houston, Tx

Details: I went to see Alex as he came highly recommended for the work. I took comfort in the fact that this wasn't their first go-round doing this, either. Alex was cool and professional, and it is *definitely* worth spending a little time getting to know him and listening about his projects, if you can catch him sitting still *lol*. He informed me how much time it would take, and it was pretty much exactly that long. His shop offers a variety of caffeinated beverages, water, nice seating, a flat screen, wifi, and most important to the ladies, a clean restroom. Jerry is awesome as well, and they go the extra mile (washing and vacuuming the car prior to delivery). Alex was *BUSY*, as in, people were coming to see him ALL DAY, which is a testament not only to the work he does, but the customer service he provides, as well. It was definitely worth the drive to have ABR work on my vehicle.