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Originally Posted by ArmyBimmerDude View Post
Bro if it did handle like a champ and weigh 200lbs less, like it should because the 1 series chassis is noticably smaller than the 3 series, then fine. It is what it is which would be a nimble, fast, impressive vehicle thats tailored to the younger crowd.

BUT ITS NOT! I'm not an engineer, I dont know why the car weighs so much. All the reviews contradict the claims of future 1 series owners who continually post information that is incorrect. Yes its smaller so one might assume its this amazing track car, but wheres the proof? Yes the fact that the car comes with 6 pot brakes is awesome, but its not like the brakes on the 335 is garbage and if you wanted to upgrade you can at anytime from one of these vendors.
Did you miss this part of my post:

the hope (even though little at this point) that BMW could actually produce something smaller and lighter

I know its not and said so. The point of the post is that I was saying it would have been a good thing if it was. It would have meant BMW was changing the way its looking at cars a little. Thats all.