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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
I would tend to think that most people who buy a Porsche sports car are enthusiasts to a degree at least. No, the Cayman doesn't have the legacy, but it has everything else over a base 911. And come on....can you really call those back seats? I don't think anyone who buys a 911 even considers the seating in the decision process.
It was the deciding factor for me actually. I take my 3.5 year old to school most mornings, kids can fit perfectly back there till they transition to the front seat. If I had another car as my daily, I would have considered the incoming Cayman Gt4(I do track), overall Cayman is a great car and I would have zero hesitation to buy one. But now having owned a 911, it would be hard to give it up for a Cayman…for now anyways.

I DD my 991 C4S, all year round here in Toronto, plus its my track car.

OP, both the S and non S version in normal mode are geared to efficiency with the PDK, so you need to press the Sport button to get it to play. Sport Plus can be a bit too aggressive for street, but ideal for track use.

There a few diff seat options in the 991, Sport Seats Plus is the way to go. I personally have the full 18 way adaptive seats, but its a bit overkill. They are very comfortable. I'm also 235lbs and 6'2.

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