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The regular Stoptech stuff is in the first page, but I only see the ST60 non-Trophy setup listed so here's what I just did (finally):

Stoptech Trophy Sport 355mmx35mm ST40 front kit

Stock caliper/line/bracket with worn pads: 14lb
STR40 Trophy Sport caliper, bracket, pads, line: 10lb

Stock worn front rotor: 21.5lb (about 0.26lb of cast iron disappears from the rotor from new to used, based on 28.4mm minimum thickness, 30mm new thickness, 50mm swept area and a quick calculation of the mass of an annular cylinder, basically negligible change in mass from wear)
Stoptech 355x35mm front rotor/hat: 20lb

Total weight lost: approx. 5.5lb per corner, 11 total

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