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Me too

Originally Posted by gbb357 View Post
Lol! You are cracking me up. The highlighted ones are not the 40k and they are certainly not dead on. Which is what i'm talking about.

spec: C&D/-CarTest
0-60= 4.5/ - 4.84
0-100= 11.2/ - 11.91
1/4mile = 13.1/ - 13.5
Look, let's try to keep this non offensive. You have already gone down that path once and I took the high road and ran some simulations for you to help you learn and understand.

You are the one who claimed the 40k M3 test results vs. simulation were "dead on".

Actually they are dead on with the 40,000 miles
They are not. Furthermore I realize you are pointing out the larger errors between the new test results vs. simulation. I am not worried about those larger differences.

Let me try to summarize as clearly as I can.

CarTest vs. E46 M3 results range from good to excellent, qualitatively. Deltas (differences) between the two for both new and 40k miles cars vary from under prediction to over prediction. CarTest vs. IS-F results show qualitatively and quantitatively worse agreement with CarTest. The noteable features are the the C&D results are universally faster than simulation and quantitativelty the deltas are larger than with the E46 M3 case (as well as with the deltas for most other vehicles). Finally, 0-100 and higher results should in general be easier to predict with simulation as well as rolling starts and in gear accelerations from speeds with little or no wheelspin.

Again, I think I am done beating the dead horse here. You have everything; the tests, the simulations, my opinions and endless commentary. Get the software and have some fun. If you maintain a decent attitude I just might help you get good quality results, with justifiable changes when you find you can not. Now have the last word, pleeeease...