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I'm talking about these points that i made.

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
You can make points along those lines but determining the change in time with change in peak hp from one car to another is not so easy. Sort of a statistical correlation as well. The M3 has now been recorded at 4.3s 0-60 by C&D but I am not sure it will even get much better than that. It is simply traction limited at these speeds as most cars with a similar much power to weight ratio. M-DCT will absoultely help but it will only help in 0-60 if they get the launch control software perfect (and hopefully offer it in the US as well). Again my comments about the AWD RS4 are appropriate - faster than similar cars by quite a bit in the lower speeds but losing out at higher speeds due to high drive train losses.

Actually they are dead on with the 40,000 miles, they are not dead on with the brand new figures. You're right 4.7-4.2 is not 0.4, that's why i said around 0.4(0.3,0.4,0.5). My point is, your figures with e46 M3 to 60 @4.5 and you Cartest results of 4.84 is a diifference of 0.34, and that's acceptable. Should'nt the 4.7 and 4.2 difference of 0.5 on the ISF results be acceptable as well? In other words, there is a margin of error. I don't think it's necessarily an exact science. In terms of the RS4, remember it is close to 200lbs heavier.

spec: C&D/40k/CarTest
0-60= 4.5/ 4.8/ 4.84
0-100= 11.2/ 12.0/ 11.91
1/4mile = 13.1/ 13.4/ 13.5