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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
My conclusion and standing bet (if anyone is interested) is that at least one of my previous points 1-4 are the case for the GT-R and this 7:38 lap.
Well swamp it's also possible that none of your four previous points is the case for the GTR. If you hadn't seen the GTR's ring time before you looked at this linear regression chart how would you have explained the GT2's "outlier" status? Probably with the same arguments I bet.

In my eyes and looking at this chart the GTR's time is not that much of an outlier (and neither is the GT2). Now if either was 2X further outside the envelope of all the other cars I would squint hard and be concerned about trickery on Nissan's part.

By the way, regression has nothing to do with "physics". Let's not confuse a least squares fit to some data with the physical laws governing vehicle motion.