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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
This is then THE question: how far below the curve is reasonable/possible with a totally stock vehicle?
One we don't know its stock. You see in the video they are putting some diffrent tires on it. The term used is "cut slick" which may mean groved slick. Note: that is important because that would be a large upgrade over the tires on the M3 CSL. On a track as long as the ring that could mean 10-15s over a DOT-R whcih is already 10-15s over a street tire. So put street tires on the car and it might regress all the way to 8:00 or so.

If they did run a "slick" that also has other implications. That the stock suspension was able to run the tire without being overloaded means it must have a very, very good camber curve and a lot of roll stiffness, or the car has been upgraded from stock in some way. Possibly as an unanounced option package al-la the Exige Cup 240.

Statistics are great, but not when unknown factors can influence the times by far more than the accuracy of the statistics you are trying to use.

All we know is a GT-R like car did a specific time. We don't know any of the specs of the car in question. They clearly put special tires on it for the lap, were other things changed? Either as a straight mod or a performance option on the car, unkown.