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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I doubt this kind of trick will work in the US. Reason is, if this happened in the US, someone will probably try and sue.
Unless you've contracted on a specific VIN, the dealer can allocate the cars any way they see fit. A lawsuit would get tossed in about three minutes as getting on the wait list really isn't a specific contract, and you'd have issues illustrating damages. (The fact that you can back out of the wait list is further proof that there is no contract there.) An honorable dealer will stick with their promises, but I worked in the industry when I was a high school kid washing Ferraris at a dealer for $5/hour, and I can tell you that I'm still looking for a dealer that puts his word before some extra $$$. It's sad, but true. The car dealer is a unique occupation as bad word of mouth will rarely affect their bottom line if the Make is popular, and no one really buys enough cars (excluding commercial buyers of fleet vehicles) for the dealer to value that relationship more than a few extra dollars. The specific dollar amount that breaks the camel's back will vary, but my point is that those on a wait
list aren't legally guaranteed anything. (Except that they have provided an interest free loan to the dealer between initial payment and delivery or refund.)