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This car just gets better and better! Some thoughts after a high-speed dash home...

Just got back home from visiting some friends and gave my M3 a good thrashing on the way back. The more I drive it, the more I love it!!

I've done just over two thousand miles now and have really started to use the full performance range. On my way back to London tonight I had it flat out at the rev limiter a few times (obviously I took a detour through Germany to get home, as I would never even consider doing those sort of speeds on a deserted A13 through Essex ). At 150-160 the car just feels so secure. At no point did it feel like I was straining the engine or the suspension and it was as rattle free as driving at 50. Through corners at those speeds the car weights up really nicely and there is a lot of resistance through the steering wheel, so you always know what's going on beneath you. It feels pretty much as quick as the V10 up to about 120 when, although it still has plenty pulling power, it starts to lack a little of the urgency that the extra 90hp gives. The gearbox also seems to be improving with age and changes at 8,000rpm are just sublime. So quick, in fact, that you barely have to lift the throttle as you drop the clutch.

I also shot across some back roads tonight, taking the car to the limit around a few corners. Turn-in is crisp and sharp and the chassis is up there with the best. You always know exactly what it is doing and there are no unexpected moments where the tail slides out without warning. The engine is so flexible that you almost never have to change out of third gear on a twisty road. Power is always available and the range is so great that you will almost certainly be back on the brakes before the next corner. It's one of those cars that can make most drivers look like a hero...

I love it!!!!