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Until we can control for tires charts like this are of limited value. On an 8 min track tires alone can cause a 16s or so swing in results. Its why the CSL does much better than its projected time while the base car is worse than its projection.

The general rule with tires is going from a street tire like the Pilot Sport 2 to a DOT-R like the Pilot Sport Cup or Hoosier R6 is worth about 2s per min of track.

If you go to a full slick those are worth another 1s or more. In the video the noise you hear from the tires makes it unlikely that they are running a tire like a full slick or an R6. However, they could still be running a moderate dot-r.

Basically we don't have enough information to make a good comparison.

One thing that is possible. Nissan may have pulled a elise/z06/s2000 like move and put a good suspension in a stock car. The reason BMWs don't usually put up good times stock is the horrid front camber curve combined with the limited room for alignments adjustments and narrow tires for the weight of the car.

The reason the Z06/Nissan/Elise put up very, very good times for a stock car is the run an aggressive double wishbone suspension, a lot of tire for the weights of the car, and often have good alignment possiblites without needing to replace struts.

I have an E46 M3 and an Elise. Both make about the same HP/LB. Yet the elise is much faster at a track stock than the M was stock. The difference is almost 5s/min. 2 of those are from the fact the elise comes with tires similar to the CSL, still that leaves 3s thats mostly due to the suspension.