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Originally Posted by kishg View Post
if looks are your main concern then 19s is what you want. i'm more concerned about how the car handles, so i'll stick to 18s. the pot hole ridden roads around here are not conducive to 19s to begin with, not to mention added unsprung weight and rotational inertia.
Brilliantly put!

In case someone's interested in substance and looks as well, and, for some reason, doesn't like the OEM 18s, are 166M-type (M5) replicas [18X9] by "eurowheelsusa" (available at e-bay) a good solution?

Does anybody know anything about their quality and weight?

Hartge's Classic and Classic2 18s are excellent but they won't do, unfortunately, since their width is 8,5 (not enough for a 265 tyre, if I 'm not mistaken).