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I shared my engine failure here in march:

Now that the warranty company and shop are nearly done I'll share.

Here's my epic catastrophe:

IMG_5876 by rioyellows2k, on Flickr

1505542_624466694294808_5498782317600750192_n by rioyellows2k, on Flickr

#8 Cylinder. Original Cause of failure was rod bearing failure. Massive additional damage from attempting to restart the engine after failure.

This is how extensive the collateral damage was. The pic is looking up at the head from the crank. Crank is damaged. Bits of metal damaged the throttles, heads, oil pan was missing a chunk. Basically anything that touched oil was damaged.

IMG_0234 by rioyellows2k, on Flickr

Engine was replaced under warranty with a LKQ engine from a 2011 with 40K miles. The rod bearings were replaced on this engine as a precaution. Surprised to see this much wear on a 2011 engine with 40K miles.

10262058_635652503176227_4490683356942830873_n by rioyellows2k, on Flickr

So I got 2 for 1 on S65's in my car.

I had to get a brand new oil cooler, oil lines and manifold/plenum, as unknown amounts of tiny bits of metal got in them.

And as a bonus these are Bearings from another 2008 S65 with 100K miles being serviced at the same shop.

1010597_10201697515059623_5522055089273154687_n by rioyellows2k, on Flickr

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